The Work


" New show premieres in Bed-Stuy 2008! "

The Further Adventures of Gussie Mae in America  is a series of five performance pieces/plays. The intent is for people to attend the theatre every night and see a different “adventure”. So, an audience may see “In America” and “Gussie” one evening, then return the following  to see “Further Adventures” and “MAE”. The goal is to keep them coming back for more. Which is the goal for theaters all over the world. It also speaks to the traditional storytelling style of gathering the village for an epic story with a moral and a heroine we can cheer for.

These performance pieces are woven together by the spirituality of  survival and the celebration of  the human spirit. Using poetry, dance, music, installation art and storytelling the plays explore themes of struggle, loss, poverty, identity, redemption, sexuality and family.  Above all, The Future Adventures of Gussie Mae in America is, a healing ritual...... clearing the way for what is to come.

In America, Gussie, THE (begnning of the End) currently touring.